UFC star reveals she’s been blocked cosplay walk outs, UFC’s crypto sponsor likely to blame

This upcoming weekend, combat sports enthusiasts are in for a treat as Polyana Viana makes her triumphant return to the octagon at UFC on ESPN 51. This electrifying event will see her go head-to-head against Iasmin Lucindo, with the match unfolding at none other than Las Vegas’ highly acclaimed UFC Apex arena.

The event will take place on Saturday, August 12, and be broadcasted on ESPN and the premium streaming service ESPN+.

Polyana Viana is also recognized for her captivating forays into the world of anime cosplaying. Beyond her combat skills, she mesmerizes fans by embracing her favorite anime characters through elaborate costumes.

Her Instagram feed often becomes a canvas for sharing these remarkable cosplay ventures. She also recently posted a picture cosplaying popular Naruto character Konan from the Akatsuki.

As an ardent follower of both martial arts and anime, Viana dreams of harmonizing these two distinctive world. However, her aspirations have hit a roadblock due to the stringent regulations of the UFC regarding entrances of competitors.

In a recent interview, Viana was questioned about the possibility of making her entrance in full cosplay attire if permitted. Viana disclosed that she had tirelessly pursued this aspiration on multiple occasions in the past.

She said: “I’ve tried so many times, and I’ve actually asked to come in with a bandana. They’ve never allowed it. I wanted a cape… I’ve tried with like a blank bandana. I can’t. Apparently, Naruto is a brand that does not allow it or something like that. I’ve tried so many times. I’ve asked. They never let me do it, but if I could, definitely I would.”

It is disheartening that the stringent regulations upheld by the organization have thwarted Viana’s aspiration to blend her MMA persona with her favourite anime characters. But considering how often WWE and AEW combatants dress up as their favourite fictional characters, she’d undoubtedly feel quite at home in the world of professional wrestling.