UFC Singapore highlights: Former Baseball Pitcher Gets Goofy Johnny Walker-esque KO

In a high-stakes showdown that left the audience in awe, Dominican heavyweight Waldo Cortes-Acosta, a former pitcher with promising prospects in major league baseball, took an unconventional route that led him to the UFC octagon. Paired against Lukasz Brzeski in the featured preliminary bout at UFC Singapore, Cortes-Acosta showcased his prowess in a stunning display.

Eager to rebound from his initial professional career defeat, Cortes-Acosta faced off against Brzeski, who aimed to break a two-fight losing streak.

Analyzing Cortes-Acosta’s recent performances revealed a tendency to utilize leg kicks as a strategic weapon. Brzeski, perceptive in his approach, took note of this pattern. Cortes-Acosta countered with a powerful right hand, seamlessly transitioning into a body shot combo. However, Brzeski persistently targeted Cortes-Acosta’s leg with precise strikes, resulting in visible damage to the limb. Despite the accumulating damage, the match took an unexpected turn.


Former Baseball Pitcher Gets Goofy Johnny Walker-esque KO
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Exploiting a caught kick, Cortes-Acosta unleashed a powerful strike that rocked Brzeski. Yet, it was a subsequent right hand that truly destabilized Brzeski, causing him to stagger and turn away. In rapid succession, Cortes-Acosta capitalized on the opening, delivering a series of left-handed blows near Brzeski’s ear. The impact proved decisive as Brzeski face-planted to the canvas, marking an astonishing knockout victory for “Salsa Boy.” This intense knockout arguably stands as one of the most forceful in Cortes-Acosta’s career.

The explosive sequence left spectators in disbelief, prompting the UFC to share the dramatic moment on social media. Cortes-Acosta’s monumental victory showcased his adaptability and skill in the octagon, demonstrating his seamless transition from the world of baseball to the realm of mixed martial arts.

In a post-fight interview, Cortes-Acosta reflected on his triumph with an analogy drawn from his baseball background, humorously likening his decisive strike to a fastball landing with pinpoint accuracy.

The official verdict confirmed Cortes-Acosta’s dominance as he emerged victorious over Brzeski via a remarkable knockout achieved through a flurry of punches. The bout concluded in the first round, lasting a mere 3 minutes and 1 second.

Cortes-Acosta’s memorable performance not only secured his redemption but also solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with in the UFC heavyweight division. The victory exemplified his dynamic evolution from a pitcher with potential to a fierce contender who delivers knockout blows with precision and finesse.