UFC legend urges Jake Paul to find an opponent whose full time gig isn’t food delivery

In a recent event in Puerto Rico, Jake Paul entered his 10th professional boxing match with a clear aspiration for victory. His opponent was 17-3 journeyman Ryan Bourland. Even though Bourland may have possessed more experience as a pro boxer, the outcome suggested otherwise. Paul efficiently concluded the match in the very first round, leaving Bourland visibly overwhelmed and hesitant to retaliate.

However, the victory did not escape the scrutiny of seasoned veteran Demetrious Johnson. He is a decorated flyweight champion with a long and successful MMA career. Johnson is known for sharing his insights on MMA through his official YouTube channel.

Johnson had previously expressed his disapproval during an interview with Wade Plem of the W.A.D.E Concept. He criticized Paul’s choice of opponents, particularly those he perceives as lacking in skill and dedication. He urged Paul to challenge himself against younger, hungrier boxers who are actively training and competing at a higher level.

In his YouTube channel’s ‘Instant Reaction’ segment, Demetrious Johnson questioned: “What are you doing when you’re fighting these guys that you find off the street? When he fought Andre August…that gentleman was running pizza routes, Go find somebody who’s 25-26 years old… that’s in the gym, that’s grinding, that’s hungry. Put yourself in the fire. Put yourself against top-level competition…”

Jake Paul’s last victory came by powerful uppercut knockout against experienced boxer Andre August, who was now 10-2-1. But Johnson seemed unimpressed and said that August was “running pizza routes” before to his match. Similarly, the former Golden Gloves champion Bourland was allegedly an Uber driver before his eight-round cruiserweight bout against Paul.

As a MMA competitor with a record of 25-4-1, Demetrious Johnson stands as a flyweight icon in the MMA world. Leveraging his experience, Johnson advises Paul to seek challenges that would truly test his mettle. The sentiment echoes across the combat sports community, with many echoing the call for Paul to face more formidable opponents.