UFC legend Mark Hunt makes surprise return to combat sports despite being 50 years old

Former UFC luminary Mark Hunt has declared his return to combat sports in 2024. He is approaching the age of 50 this year.

Hunt previously openly acknowledged the toll his combat sports career has taken on his health, particularly regarding brain damage.

Hunt previously competed in a memorable bout against Rugby World Cup-winning ex-All Black Sonny Bill Williams in 2022. Hunt said that he is now gearing up for multiple bouts slated for this year.

In an announcement shared via his social media platform on Wednesday, Hunt conveyed his intentions for the upcoming year.

He said: “I’m looking forward to a good new year this year. [In] 2024 I’m looking at fighting again, three or four [fights] maybe. I’m taking some offers. It’s especially a challenge at my age. I’m going to be 50 this year, but looking forward to the challenge and financially it will be great.”

In the comment section of another account, Hunt hinted at his participation in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC). He confidently assured: “3 fights and I will take the belt.”

Mark Hunt has consistently remained candid about the repercussions of his extensive involvement in combat sports. As early as 2017, he openly acknowledged experiencing memory loss due to his physically demanding career.

He said: “My body is f**ked but my mind is still here,’ Hunt said. I’ve still got my senses about me and I know what’s right and wrong, which is the main thing. Sometimes I don’t sleep well. You can hear me starting to stutter and slur my words.”

“My memory is not that good anymore. I’ll forget something I did yesterday but I can remember the s**t I did years and years ago. That’s just the price I’ve paid – the price of being a fighter.”

“But I’ve fought a lot of d*ug cheats and copped a lot of punishment from guys who were cheating and that’s not right.”

Hunt filed a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar, UFC president Dana White, and the UFC for an alleged breach of contract after their bout at UFC 200.

The heavyweight contender said that his employer knew that his opponent was cheating, and he was furious that they had matched him with someone who had failed a PED test.

Subsequently, the match against Lesnar was invalidated to a no-contest due to the failed test. Hunt then continued to compete five more times within the promotion.

After a protracted legal battle spanning six years, a judge eventually dismissed Hunt’s case against the UFC in 2023 citing insufficient evidence of any wrongdoing.