UFC legend Demetrious Johnson explains why it is easier to become an MMA champion than boxing, fans react – “Boxing is still the inferior sport”

Demetrious Johnson is a towering figure in the realm of MMA, and has sparked a spirited debate with his recent viewpoint.

Johnson has accumulated an array of accolades in the sphere of mixed martial arts. In a recent statement, he boldly declared that winning a championship is a more attainable feat in MMA than in the world of boxing.

His rationale behind this assertion is rooted in the diversity of skills required in MMA. He argued that an MMA combatant can possess a significant deficiency in one aspect of their skill set and yet emerge as a champion. This stands in stark contrast to boxing, which hinges solely on one discipline.

The MMA community responded passionately to Demetrious Johnson’s assertion:

One observer provided insight, stating: “I think the easiest way to decipher this is, he’s saying in MMA to be champion you don’t have to be the best MMA fighter, where as Boxing & Kick-boxing because it’s one discipline you have to be the best.”

Another commentator opined: “People aren’t gonna like it but its the truth. When you restrict the martial arts so much, there is very little margin for error.”

Recently, Sean O’Malley secured the UFC bantamweight championship through a knockout victory over Aljamain Sterling.

O’Malley’s triumphant ascent has ignited speculation about his potential performance against Demetrious Johnson. During a podcast episode, Johnson shared his thoughts on a hypothetical clash with O’Malley.

Reflecting on the possibility, Demetrious Johnson remarked: “Dude, me versus O’Malley that would be a hard-a** fight. I have to be a realist, I have to live in reality. Trying to get to him, where he’s much longer, he might even be faster than me now that I am old as s**t compared to some people out there being 37 years old. He is longer, he is faster, he is a way cleaner striker than I am, it would be so hard just to get to him.”

Demetrious Johnson further elaborated that countering O’Malley’s strengths would necessitate a strategic focus on leg kicks, though even this approach demands vigilance to avoid potential counters. In Johnson’s estimation, a bout against O’Malley would pose a more formidable threat than his encounter with Aljamain Sterling.