UFC Las Vegas: Sensational Reverse Triangle results in Assuncao going out

The UFC Las Vegas event saw an exciting bout between bantamweight veterans Raphael Assuncao and Davey Grant. Both were looking to build on their recent successes and make a statement in the Octagon. Grant earned bonuses in four of his last five. He put in an impressive effort that ultimately resulted in a come-from-behind submission victory.


Assuncao and Grant came out swinging in the first round, but it was Assuncao who landed the first significant strike with a counter overhand right that caught Grant off guard. Grant responded with a big straight right hand that pushed Assuncao back, but the Brazilian’s leg kicks became his go-to move to slow down Grant’s forward pressure. The round was close, but Assuncao seemed to have the slight edge.

The second round started with more forward pressure from Grant, but Assuncao’s lateral movement made it difficult for him to find his timing. Assuncao secured a takedown late in the round and did well to control Grant with strong wrist control.

Going into the final round, both knew the importance of securing a victory. Grant landed a heavy right hand that dropped Assuncao to his backside, but the veteran quickly recovered and secured another takedown.

However, due to grabbing the fence, Assuncao was deducted a point, putting Grant in a good position to stage a comeback. Grant landed a huge spinning back fist that dropped Assuncao to his knees and quickly followed up with a reverse triangle submission that put the veteran to sleep.

Assuncao signaled his retirement by taking off his gloves and leaving them in the cage. “I think my time has come now. I put a lot of effort into this training camp, away from my family. I think it’s time for me,” he said in his octagon interview.