UFC Heavyweight kickstarts drama, polling fans on ‘worst UFC commentator’

UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall recently ignited a fiery discussion across social media when he asked his fans to weigh in on who they consider the worst UFC commentator of all time.

With renowned personalities such as Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping, Dominick Cruz, and Jon Anik on the promotion’s broadcast team, opinions were divided. The Englishman asked his query on Twitter, and followers flocked to the message’s comment section to choose their favourite “worst” UFC commentator.

Aspinall tweeted:

One fan boldly claimed that Joe Rogan has fallen from grace as a UFC commentator. The comment read:

It seems some fans believe Rogan’s enthusiasm and reactions have become artificial, leading to a lackluster commentary experience. One fan tweeted:

A user voiced their displeasure with Dominick Cruz’s commentary. The tweet read:

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping’s name was also taken for his tendency to indulge in personal anecdotes during matches. One fan stated:

Two-division champion Daniel Cormier didn’t escape unscathed either. One fan suggested that Cormier has been striving to outshine Bisping, stating:

One fan expressed their opinion about Laura Sanko, claiming she was the worst UFC commentator. The comment read:

Another comment talked about Sanko’s limited experience and how it affects the quality of her commentary, particularly in terms of interrupting and expressing opinions that some find unappealing. The tweet read:

Beyond his role as a UFC commentator, Michael Bisping is renowned for his combat sports career and charismatic personality. Widely recognized as one of the most remarkable underdogs in the history of the promotion, Bisping has since retired from competition but maintains his association with the UFC.

Bisping has recently begun broadcasting episodes of his podcast with Anthony Smith, in which they talk about everything MMA and UFC. The Englishman spoke candidly about his colleague and UFC commentator Jon Anik’s grooming practices on one of their most recent shows.

Following Smith’s admission that he had his brows waxed, Michael Bisping disclosed that Anik had waxed his nose hairs. He said: “He does the inside of his nose… He does the nose hairs, yeah. I’ve never waxed anything in my life.”