UFC flyweight refuses $200k sponsorship over moral dilemma

Many UFC athletes are struggling to make ends meet. Being a professional MMA athlete means having to take care of your own health care costs, camp costs and even cover travel expense for a part of your team.

This is why so many athletes are disgruntled with UFC’s many sponsorships and kit requirements.

UFC  flyweight  Muhammad Mokaev isn’t one of them. Recently he bragged on social media he was able to turn down a major sponsorship over a religious objection.

Mokaev isn’t the only athlete to turn down such opportunities, previously Khabib Nurmagomedov came forward explaining that he never planned to have that type of a sponsor for his own promotion despite lucrative offers. He too cited religious constraints.

“Well, they pay big money. There are promotions that take their money, the bookmakers become their main sponsor, and they don’t need any more. We’re not moving in that direction. We pay attention to the type of product we give to our audience. “

Mokaev is also incredibly lucky in another regard. He has a high powered patron in the form of the Royal family of Bahrain. The sheikh, whom he shouted out after one of his victories reportedly promised Mokaev $100,000 if he were to be victorious in that contest.

He’s been called out for his ties to this family previously – in addition to being in the company of Chechen dictator’s offspring at a Thailand training camp.

Mokaev is currently preparing to face the unranked Jafael Filho. Filho is fresh off of a stint on Contender Series. While Mokaev seems like a clear favorite to win the contest, he had dislocated his shoulder around New Year’s eve indicating that he might be in for a longer lay off.

He still aspires to become the youngest UFC champion matching Jon Jones. He is currently 22 years old.