UFC’s Sean Strickland Suggests Ukraine Surrender

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland is well known for his absurd and controversial takes on social media and in interviews. Strickland recently spoke out and gave his unsolicited opinion regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

As usual, Sean Strickland chose Twitter to express his thoughts. He sent a series of controversial Tweets and suggested Ukraine surrender and bend the knee. Strickland didn’t sound like he was joking either. The 30-year-old believes it’s for the best.

“Ukraine should just bend the knee and become Russian… I understand it sucks and yes you could win….. but do you really want to be the new Afghanistan for the next 30 years??? Not saying it’s right but this hard pill to swallow will be better in the end.” Strickland wrote.

Strickland is referencing the Afghan war here. The war lasted from 1979 until 1989 and had actually produced many contemporary complications. Afghan war was joined by many Arabs outside of Afghanistan wanting jihad against the atheist communists – among them was a young Saudi named Osama bin Laden.


Strickland also slammed people who attacked him for the controversial tweet. He showed his disdain for people who claim to support Ukraine but not do anything except scroll through social media.

“”Omg Sean said bend the knee” yes you f–king idiots. All You’re going to do is sit behind your phone and tweet. You idiots gonna go pick up a rifle?? Shoot Russians from apartment buildings before it gets leveled, while the innocent family living under you gets killed?! Nope.” Strickland wrote.

Strickland also strengthened his argument on why Ukraine should bend the knee by sharing the a comparison between Ukraine and Russia’s military forces. He also shared his thoughts about what the world should do to stop the invasion.

Sean Strickland recently headlined UFC Vegas 47 on February 5. He fought Jack Hermansson and won the fight via unanimous decision. This marked his 6th consecutive win. Strickland is currently at number 5 the UFC middleweight rankings. With Adesanya lapping the division, a title shot is probably not far.