Sean Strickland Gets A Little Too Real: I would Walk Down The Street Hoping To Kill Somebody

Sean Strickland has made a variety of unhinged statements in the past but his interview today on the MMA Hour might just take the cake. UFC Middleweight revealed a troublesome past.

In a revealing interview Strickland admits he’s gone through a Neo nazi white supremacist phase in his younger days. Another thing he’s vocal about is his anger issues:

“To me, I was really f—ing angry. I was so angry. I actually went through this neo-nazi, white supremacist phase when I was younger. I got kicked out of school for a hate crime. All this crazy s— where I was so angry and I had f—ed up influences in my life. It felt so good to f—ing hate something. I would walk down a street just with a knife or like a rock hoping to kill somebody. “

To that Helwani was stunned into a “Wow.”

Strickland continued: “And when I started training I realized man you’re just f—ing angry. You just f—ing angry, you know?”

And when prompted as to why he was so angry Strickland revealed a lot of it came from being from an abusive household.

“I remember hugging my mom’s leg in the kitchen, pre elementary school. And my dad all f—ing drunk telling my f—ing mom I’m gonna f—ing cut you up in little pieces, bury them in the backyard and bottle acids. So like, you grow up and you hear that sh– day in and day out from like my earliest memory and it starts shifting the way your brain – …”

“Whenever you experience things like that your brain biologically f—ing changes. So like, my brain was made in such a way to survive that encounter – whenever it came down to like transitioning into normal world – my brain wasn’t built for that. It wasn’t built for the like for the modern world it was built for the insanity I grew up in and it was so hard for me once I got older. When I was 14 to transition from like thinking about my mom dying every night to ‘Alright, now it’s time to be a normal person”

“So I fell into this weird hatred, neonazi thing and I started training when I was like 14,15 and it was like therapy. It helped me with all my issues, seeing the light. I go: ‘Wait a minute’. I start connecting the mental dots in why the f— I feel the way I feel.”

Following all this Helwani went straight for the gut and asked Strickland if he was sexually abused as a child. A question Strickland wasn’t anticipating.

“If I ever was, it was blocked out thank God. ” – Strickland responded reassuring literally no one.

And rest assured Strickland is ok with his mom now – but this wasn’t always the case.

“There was a moment where I had this Anger toward my mom, just keeping us in that situation for so long. “

And as for Strickland’s father he died 4 years ago of cancer. The whole interview is one of the strangest interviews of all time. In spite of the abuse his mother endured Strickland claims he wasn’t beaten himself.