UFC Fighter Ryan Hall ManHandles Belligerent Drunk Guy

The Ultimate Fighter 22 winner, Ryan Hall, choked a drunk man who was trying to harm him at a restaurant. The jiu-jitsu lightweight champion showed how effective jiujitsu can be to control someone. He put his  jiu-jitsu skills to work in order to help staff to handling Belligerent Drunk Guy without dealing unnecessary damage.

Ryan Hall was eating in a restaurant with his friends when a drunk man approached him and started to harass him and his friends. The drunkard was verbally threatening Hall for a couple of minutes and made a scene. The guy then stepped really close to Hall and he had no choice but to intervene.

Ryan Hall simply performed a did a takedown and within a second he transitioned to a good hold rendering the drunk guy floored. At this point he proceeded to choke him due to how he was behaving.

Hall released the guy soon after and some people in the restaurant tried to bring the drunk guy outside. There was no necessary damage dealt with the drunk guy hence no need for law enforcement to intervene.

Ryan Hall joined the UFC in 2018 and started with a winning spree. In spite of having a good fight record he was heavily criticized for pulling guard, doing imanari rolls and overall insisting to take the fight on the ground. He’s developed an ok striking since. His winning spree was ended by Ilia Topuria last year with a knock out loss. Hall is hoping to make it back into the ranking.