UFC fans unearth video of 16-year-old Max Holloway serving up a dose of inspiration

Max Holloway has captivated the hearts of his fans once again. This time, it’s a video from his teenage years that has the MMA community utterly mesmerized.

In the video, a 16-year-old Max Holloway with his distinct blonde hair candidly speaks about his challenging upbringing. His compelling narrative unveils the struggles he endured due to his parents’ battles.

Holloway recalls that the last time he encountered his father, he was merely ten or eleven years old. Despite the absence of his father in his life, Holloway reveals that he continued to hold him in his prayers.

The video has stirred profound reactions on Twitter, with users expressing their admiration and awe for the young Holloway’s wisdom beyond his years.

One user commented: “Wise beyond his years”

Another fan said: “This kid was destined to become a legend. The best is blessed”

Another user humorously notes the uniqueness of Holloway’s speech, attributing it to his Hawaiian heritage.

Another fan commented: “Mindset of a champion even at 16, remarkable.”

Max Holloway’s journey in the MMA arena has been nothing short of extraordinary. His recent victory against The Korean Zombie at UFC Singapore reaffirms that he is a force to be taken seriously in the featherweight division.

With unwavering determination, Max Holloway is steadfast in his pursuit of the title. His sights are set on Alexander Volkanovski, the current champion.

“I want to win the title back. I want to defend it a bunch of times. After we do that, maybe go up a weight or two to get more titles. We’ll see what happens, anything’s possible, all I gotta do is focus, keep one foot in front of the other and keep grinding.”

Despite three previous losses to the dominant champion, Holloway’s growth and evolution as an athlete remain undeniable. Holloway is getting better with each bout and might offer a threat to Volkanovski, who is one of the most dominating champions the UFC has ever seen. This is especially true given that their previous two bouts were quite close.