UFC fans roast ‘nasty’ Sean O’Malley for partying in UFC 299 gear without so much as a shower

Sean O’Malley’s recent triumph over Marlon Vera at UFC 299 has left fans buzzing with excitement. He ended up winning via unanimous decision against Marlon Vera, securing his first bantamweight title defense at UFC 299.

However, it was his unconventional celebration that truly captured attention. During a candid appearance on The MMA Hour Show, Sean O’Malley provided insights into his festivities after the event.

He said:  “I went straight to the club after all the interviews and stuff. I had blood all over me, rocking my pink shorts. We went to the ‘E11even’, the club in Miami. I didn’t want to go shower up, get dressed up, and then go to the club and it’s fu****g 5am.”

O’Malley stated that after a few commitments after the match, he immediately left for a bar to celebrate. He said it was incredible to see people having a good time at the “E11even” club in Miami. He then disclosed that he had not taken a shower since the match and was still wearing his combat gear.

It seems like O’Malley has different ideals than most boxers, who generally take a shower and relax before celebrating their victory. He wanted to revel and take in the atmosphere. He didn’t want to worry too much about feeling unclean or not taking a shower.

Previously, O’Malley celebrated with one of the NELK boys Kyle Forgeard after winning the bantamweight title. This time, he had fun hanging out with controversial streamer Adin Ross.

O’Malley’s unconventional celebration sparked a diverse range of reactions among MMA fans. Most expressed dismay and concern over his disregard for hygiene and potential health risks.

“Sean O’Malley went to the club in Miami after his win at UFC 299 still wearing his fight gear. And yes, he bypassed a celebratory shower, too.
Dedication to the cause.”

“That’s nasty and how you get skin issues staph infection”

“Ring worm and staph infection has entered the chat”

“Cuz skipped a shower to go hang out with @adinross in a club full of women and this is yall hero….. put money on it we hear he got staph before the next fight 😭😭😭”

“He looks like he skips showers regularly anyway”

O’Malley not only successfully defended his championship at UFC 299, but he also exacted revenge on his sole loss in MMA. As a result, he called out featherweight champion Ilia Topuria in an attempt to set up a championship bout. But he is also open to facing Merab Dvalishvili, the top bantamweight contender.