UFC fans question inept coaching Rose Namajunas is receiving from Pat Barry in loss to Fiorot

In a highly anticipated clash at UFC Paris, Manon Fiorot and Rose Namajunas squared off in the UFC women’s flyweight division. Despite facing a cut during the bout, Fiorot emerged victorious against the former strawweight champion Namajunas.

The bout kicked off with a spirited exchange between the two. Fiorot showcased her striking prowess by incorporating kicks into her offense. Namajunas responded with her own low kicks while maintaining a cautious approach to counter Fiorot’s attacks.

As the first round progressed, Namajunas attempted a takedown, but Fiorot skillfully defended against it. The round concluded with Fiorot landing a side kick and Namajunas displaying some damage under one eye, suggesting Fiorot had the edge.

In the second round, Fiorot initiated a clinch with Namajunas, imposing her weight on the former strawweight champion. Namajunas tried to break free but ended up eating a knee strike from Fiorot, which visibly bothered her. The two returned to striking range, where Fiorot continued her kicking assault, and Namajunas responded with a spinning kick that missed its mark. Later in the round, Namajunas attempted a takedown near the fence but failed to bring the action to the ground.

However causing significant bleeding. Fortunately for Fiorot, the cut was on the side of her head and did not obstruct her vision. Despite the bleeding, Fiorot displayed intelligent boxing to close the round.

Heading into the third round, Fiorot was undeniably leading, successfully defending takedowns and showcasing her superiority in stand-up exchanges. Namajunas attempted an early takedown, but Fiorot thwarted the attempt. Fiorot continued to outclass the former strawweight champ, landing clean punches when Namajunas pressed forward. Namajunas inexplicably refrained from using her right hand. In the final moments, the two engaged in a heated exchange, but Namajunas was running out of time to secure a victory.

Ultimately, the judges rendered a unanimous decision in favor of Manon Fiorot, with scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28.