UFC exec put on the spot: Mike Perry calls him on air, asks to face Nate Diaz at UFC 300

The UFC is gearing up for its monumental event at UFC 300, slated for April 13, 2024. Currently featuring only five confirmed bouts, the anticipation within the MMA community is reaching a fever pitch as the date approaches.

Among the potential headline-worthy matchups, the return of former UFC veteran Nate Diaz has stirred significant interest. Also, former UFC welterweight stalwart Mike Perry is ready to seize the opportunity.

Perry has set his sights on a showdown with the 38-year-old Diaz since late 2022. Despite previous attempts to secure the match going unanswered by Diaz, Perry’s career has taken a fruitful turn in the world of bare-knuckle boxing.

Perry has received great success in the BKFC where he boasts an impressive 4-0 record (14-8 in MMA). But this hasn’t deterred his willingness to make a return to MMA for a matchup against Diaz. Perry has even taken the initiative to pitch this idea directly to UFC Chief Business Officer Hunter Campbell.

Hunter Campbell is widely believed to be running the show behind the scenes and was tapped to be Dana White’s replacement.

During an episode of the Overdogs Podcast, Perry outlined his proposition to Campbell. He stated: “Nate Diaz says there’s no one to fight on UFC 300. I’m saying me and Nate, y’all could bring me back for a little purse and then throw in the PPV points, and then we could have a great show for UFC 300.”

However, Campbell responded with an alternative suggestion. He said: “I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t you call f—king … why don’t your guys talk to f—king Nate and get him to go over and fight you there [in BKFC]?”

Perry expressed doubts about Diaz’s inclination towards bare-knuckle boxing. He asserted: “I don’t think he wants to do the bare-knuckle thing. He wants a better shot with the jiu-jitsu, and like the full game.”

Diaz has been teasing a return to MMA and the UFC, but the likelihood of a matchup with Perry seems uncertain. This is especially true given Campbell’s response. Complicating matters is Diaz’s rumored boxing rematch against Jorge Masvidal.

Diaz’s last UFC appearance was a fourth-round win over Tony Ferguson in UFC 279’s main event in September 2022. He subsequently made his professional boxing debut, suffering a unanimous decision loss to Jake Paul in August 2023.

While Diaz has been exploring other avenues, Perry had a noteworthy 2023. He secured an impressive second-round technical knockout victories against former UFC champions Luke Rockhold and Eddie Alvarez.