UFC debutant busts open a staph infection during bout at UFC Vegas 76

During the highly anticipated UFC Vegas 76 event, MMA enthusiasts were captivated by the intense action in the octagon. But amidst the excitement, viewers couldn’t help but notice a surprising sight—the gruesome staph infection on Nursulton Ruziboev’s leg that unexpectedly burst open during the bout.

The incident didn’t go unnoticed by the MMA community, with fans taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and reactions to the alarming visuals that unfolded on the screen.

As the infection became apparent, one Twitter user resorted to humor. He commented: “Pay no attention to the staph that just busted open on Ruziboev’s leg.”

Another Twitter user expressed their disbelief at what they were witnessing, thinking they were the sole observer of the distressing situation. The comment read: “I thought I’m the only one seeing that.”

Another fan was confused how the referees missed the infection and let the combatant participate: “For real.. how do they miss that coming in.”

Despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his leg infection, Nursulton Ruziboev is a rising talent in the MMA world. He made his promotional debut on July 1 at UFC Vegas 76. Ruziboev competed against Brunno Ferreira in a middleweight showdown that headlined the main card.

Ruziboev showcased his prowess and swiftly dominated the match, securing a spectacular knockout victory within the opening minutes.

His exceptional performance did not go unnoticed, as he was awarded the ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses. Along with his well-deserved victory, Ruziboev received an additional $50,000 for his remarkable efforts inside the octagon.

Following his latest triumph, the 39-year-old extended his winning streak to an impressive nine consecutive victories.

Staph infections are caused by the staphylococcus bacteria commonly found in the nose or on the skin. These infections can manifest as painful boils, swollen skin, or the formation of pus-filled pockets in the affected area.

The bacterium is very infectious and spreads rapidly via wounds or skin-to-skin contact.

Given the close-quarters nature of MMA and the constant physical contact involved, staph infections often spread easily among combatants. Numerous UFC athletes, including notable names like Dustin Poirier, Kelvin Gastelum, Guram Kutateladze, and Kevin Lee, have encountered staph infections in the past.