UFC commentator Laura Sanko sets the story straight on Ian Garry’s new last name

Irish UFC star Ian Garry went viral after he changed his last name, adding his wife’s maiden name to become Ian Machado Garry. There was some speculation and confusion around why the 25-year-old made this change to his surname. The speculation was furthered when his relationship with his older wife was publicized as well as the fact that he hired her ex husband to be his nutritionist.

However, UFC commentator Laura Sanko has revealed the heartwarming reason behind Garry’s new last name while providing commentary at a recent podcast appearance.

According to Sanko, Garry changed his name as a gesture to make his stepson from his wife’s previous marriage feel fully part of their family unit. His wife already had a son when she met Garry, and the fighter wanted that boy to feel just as much a part of the family as the son he and his wife have together.

“The reason why he changed his name is because his wife had a son from a previous marriage, and he wanted that son to feel just as much a part of the family as their son that they have together,” Sanko explained.

She added: “So as a gesture of like, ‘I want this family to be a unit,’ I’m going to take not her ex-husband’s name, her maiden name and add it to our family name.”

Sanko praised the thoughtful motivation behind Garry’s name change, saying: “So it was like a move on his own to be like, ‘I want this kid to feel like that.’ So I’m gonna have the same last name as both of my sons – that was his point.”

The gesture highlights Garry’s commitment to his family and his desire to be an inclusive father figure to both of his sons, biological and stepson alike. The new hyphenated name Ian Garry de Souza represents the unity of their blended family.

Garry seems to be in a fight with Irish media ever since his private life went viral and has even relocated to Brazil, training at Chute box with Charles Oliveira.

Irish media are not the only one Garry has a problem with. Garry went viral last month when Rampage Jackson revealed Garry cancelled a podcast appearance on his show because he feared he would get teased.