UFC commentator Laura Sanko roasted UFC fan who accused her of sexualizing her job

Former MMA competitor Laura Sanko recently made history as the organization’s first female color commentator. She initially joined the UFC as a backstage interviewer but quickly climbed the ranks to become a highly respected commentator.

However, not everyone was impressed with Sanko’s performance during a recent event. One Twitter user took issue with her constant vocal reactions, accusing her of making deliberate sex noises to cater to male viewers.

The user’s tweet read, “I would be totally fine with her commentary were it not for the fact that she continues to make s*x noises every 30 seconds, every time a fighter lands something she screams “ahhhh” “ooooooh” “uuuuuuuh” and it is starting to look deliberate for male viewers, just that kind of girl.”

Sanko’s response to the criticism was nothing short of epic. She humorously fired back, saying: “You sound like the type of guy who mast**bates to women’s tennis.”

Her witty comeback delighted fans who proceeded to share their reactions:

“Contender for response of the year. Incredible.”

“You should get a $50,000 bonus for this tweet”

“That was a tremendous response from you Laura!”

This is not the first time Sanko has gained attention for her remarks. Earlier this year, her comments went viral after she expressed her admiration for undefeated UFC welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov.

Sanko said: “That man, he gives me chills. I’ve never interviewed him, I’ve never spoken to him, but I feel like I would get nervous.”

Some fans teased that Sanko had a crush on the man. However, Sanko clarified that her appreciation for Rakhmonov was solely based on his skills inside the octagon, as she received an influx of messages from Kazakhstani fans inquiring about her feelings.

Sanko also recently expressed gratitude to fellow UFC commentator Joe Rogan for his guidance. Reflecting on their conversation, she shared her appreciation during an interview with Renee Paquette.

Sanko revealed, “I had a really nice conversation with Joe and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if he even knew who I was. We had a really nice conversation and it just meant a lot.”

“I didn’t realize he knew what I was trying to do, to be the first female color commentator. He was incredibly gracious and said, ‘Listen, there are going to be a lot of people who tell you who can’t do it but I didn’t have any fights, look at me. You’re killing it. “