UFC champion Sean O’Malley questions if McGregor’s riches have permanently ruined his mindset

After an absence of nearly three years, Conor McGregor has revealed his much-anticipated return to the UFC octagon in 2024. The former double champ faced a leg injury setback at UFC 264 in July 2021. McGregor is now set to confront Michael Chandler in a middleweight showdown during International Fight Week on June 29th.

Bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley recently shared his perspective on McGregor’s impending return.

In an interview with Megan Olivi, O’Malley expressed: “He’s looking good. He’s posting little videos here and there, training. It looks like he’s grappling a lot. He’s very skilled, but I think what sets people apart is obviously the mindset. I think if he can get back on that. You’re not going to be as good as you were if you were training and grinding for years, and you’re living on a yacht and doing these things.”

O’Malley emphasized the importance of McGregor’s focus, noting the contrast between consistent training versus a lifestyle of luxury. He said: “You just aren’t going to be the same guy. So it’s just about what you do for those three months. If he’s three months dialed in, focused, laser-focused on the task at hand, I think he’ll show up and put on a performance.”

Despite having only won once since becoming the first-ever double champion in UFC history in 2016, McGregor said that he has three bouts planned when he returns. He also said that he hopes to compete for the title once again.

Conor McGregor is without a doubt the greatest celebrity in mixed martial arts history. But Sean O’Malley thinks he may become as famous as the former double champion in 2024.

In the interview with Megan Olivi, the bantamweight champion said: “I would like to get another one in by the end of the year and be the biggest star in sports – not just combat sports. I think [if] I go out there and put two beautiful performances together [in 2024], I will be as big as Conor [McGregor].”