UFC champion Sean O’Malley has ‘legal stuff’ happening with contender Cory Sandhagen

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley shed light on the delay in his much-anticipated title bout against Cory Sandhagen, attributing the setback to undisclosed “legal stuff.” The revelation adds a layer of mystery to the situation, leaving fans and the MMA community speculating about the nature of the legal hurdles preventing the showdown.

O’Malley, gearing up for his maiden championship defense against Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera at UFC 299, acknowledged Sandhagen’s exceptional skills and expressed confidence that they would eventually face each other. However, the champion hinted at unspecified legal issues that currently hinder the realization of the fight.

Sean O’Malley told SHAK MMA:

“There is legal stuff that I can’t talk about, but me and Cory [Sandhagen] are going to fight someday… Cory is going to stick around the top. He’s very, very skilled. I don’t see a lot of guys in the division being able to beat him other than me. I think Cory is a good dude too. That fight will happen someday.”

O’Malley’s enigmatic statement has fueled curiosity and intrigue, prompting discussions on social media about the possible nature of the legal obstacles. Fans are eager to uncover the specifics behind the delay and the potential impact on the anticipated matchup.

While O’Malley prepares for his title defense against Marlon Vera, the ambiguity surrounding the “legal stuff” with Sandhagen adds an unexpected element to the narrative. The champion’s comments have sparked interest in the behind-the-scenes challenges that often accompany high-profile MMA matchups.

In a related development, Sandhagen, in an interview with the JAXXON PODCAST, discussed his perspective on being passed up for a title shot against O’Malley. Despite his victory over Marlon Vera, Sandhagen accepted the decision and speculated on the factors that might have influenced the UFC’s choice, emphasizing the importance of a fighter’s recent performances in terms of excitement and marketability.