UFC champ Sean O’Malley received threats from an MMA legend after opening up about his open marriage

In the aftermath of his recent bantamweight championship win, Sean O’Malley disclosed that former UFC titleholder Vitor Belfort sent him threatening messages following his controversial comments about his marriage.

After a sensational second-round knockout against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 in Boston, ‘Sugar’ O’Malley sparked controversy by suggesting that he had the liberty to be unfaithful to his wife because of his status and financial contributions.

While these remarks didn’t surprise most UFC fans, as O’Malley had previously discussed his open relationship, what drew considerable attention was his admission that his wife, Danya Gonzalez, was “never fine with it” and went through phases of discomfort.

This revelation caught the eye of former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort, who, according to Sean O’Malley, sent him a direct message threatening physical confrontation.

During a recent episode of his podcast, O’Malley addressed the situation, saying, “You see what’s going viral? A little missed commun-whatever. I’ll say it so people can clip this too, it said I can cheat on my wife because I’m the king and I pay for everything, you see that going viral as f*ck? It’s fire. Vitor Belfort messaged me he said he wants to kick my a**.”

“I think it was clipped from a couple but yeah, Vitor’s gonna fcking beat my a** now but I mean relationships are relationships, they work or they don’t. We’ve been together for what eight years or some sht, doing good so it’s crazy how people just, it’s like you get married, you f*cking have a girlfriend and you live this one way. Any other way is not okay. It doesn’t work for everyone like that”.

The issue with Sean O’Malley’s portrayal of a polyamorous or “open” relationship lies in its one-sided nature. The fact that his wife has openly stated that she is “never fine with it” raises significant concerns.

Many perceive this as manipulation rather than a consensual arrangement, leading to criticism from fans and observers alike.