UFC 274: Oliveira chokes out Justin Gaethje, secures a shot at the vacant title

Charles Oliveira knew he wanted to take Justin Gaethje to the ground. Early on in round 1, Gathje was getting the best of Oliveira in striking exchanges.

Oliveira attempted to suck Gaethje into following him to the ground but to no avail.

Ultimately Oliveira dropped Gaethje with his right, then followed him down and started using his jiu jitsu to his advantage.

Gathje initially defended but Oliveira’s jiujitsu is unreal, he initially recognized he wasn’t in position to get an RNC finish so he coupled devastating elbows with armbar threats.

He then transitioned from triangle to back control and got under Gaethje’s chin. From there on out, Gaethje was done it was just a question of if he taps or waits for lights to go out. He ended up tapping.

Oliveira went on to have a sharp exchange with Dana White after the victory that culminated with Oliveira delivering a kiss on White’s bald head.

In his post victory speech Oliveira declared he’s not interested in picking opponents and went on to ask if McGregor is out there.