McGregor Calls Poirier ‘Embarrassing’ Following His Defeat To Oliveira

Dustin Poirier failed to capture the lightweight title for the second time this past weekend. UFC 269 was the first title defense for the Brazilian. Meanwhile UFC’s biggest superstar Conor McGregor labeled the performance of Dustin Poirier ‘embarrassing’.

Oliveira and Poirier exchanged plenty of strikes in round one. But in round two, Oliveira sucked Poirier into a ground fight which promptly went his way. Poirier struggled to either stall the fight or stand up. This resulted in a dazed Poirier who easily gave his back in the beginning of round 3 – allowing for Oliveira to submit him.

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz were exchanging words on twitter rubbing salt in Dustin Poirier’s wound.

The exchange started with Diaz firing shots at both McGregor and Poirier as he wasn’t impressed with what he saw.
“How Conor let Dp f*** him up hella times he sucks.”

The Diamond has a history with both men. He was once paired up with Nate Diaz in 2018 but the fight was ultimately canceled. Poirier has faced McGregor three-time and is leading the series 2-1. McGregor is currently sidelined as he snapped his left leg in the third bout back in July of 2021. Diaz is on 2 fight losing streak.

The Irishman didn’t hold back and opened up in his defense:
“You lanky string of p*** he got lumped around and got lucky twice. That’s it. Is what it is. Embarrassing night for him alright. That closed guard game. Wtf was that. Wow! Shocking.
“All good happy Sat night horse yupya. it’s proper twelve day tomorrow 12/12. New Paddy’s Day!”

McGregor added:
“Hella times ahhahahaa it’s hella times in the black forge inn tomorrow for proper twelve day bro. Full of it. Sauce Money. Power.
Runner up champ yous two are at least yous can say you made championship weight before on the scales at least that’s something hahaha.”

McGregor is expected to return to the cage in the summer of 2022 as he continues his rehabilitation. He expressed wishes to face Oliveira next but Dana White has other plans.

When asked if Gaethje was next for Oliveira, White said: “Yeah, it makes sense.”