UFC 271 Highlights: Hype Train Derailed! Fighter Choked out in the first round

Mike Mathetha, aka ‘Blood Diamond’ has just made his UFC debut. Mathetha is a training partner and close friend of Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

The hype around the fighter pretty big even before he made his UFC debut.

‘Blood Diamond’ was undefeated in his MMA career and has reportedly had more than 100 kickboxing bouts. He is a two-time winner of the King of the Ring kickboxing tournament in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s City Kickboxing head coach Eugene Bareman has shared his thoughts about Blood Diamond:

“Over a hundred fights fought all over the world, one loss. Been through many, many struggles in his life. This is a guy who used to live under the cage. We used to have a cage in our ring. He lived under the cage for a year because on the grind, he was struggling, he was trying to make a living. [I’ve] personally seen firsthand all the struggles that he has been through. Nothing made me happier than that moment just announcing ‘Blood Diamond’s entry into the UFC.”

However, his UFC debut couldn’t have been worse.

The fight started at a crazy pace, Jeremiah Well slips and almost puts himself in trouble in the very beginning of the fight.

However, after that, Wells quickly took control of the fight.

Jeremiah showed that his grappling skills are leagues above his opponent.

In a matter of minutes, he took the New Zealander down, got to his back, secured a rear-naked choke, and put him to sleep.

The night is not starting as City Kickboxing planned, later at the main event, Israel Adesanya will attempt to better his team’s record when he looks to defend his title against Robbert Whittaker.