UFC 1 winner, Royce Gracie, claims Mike Tyson came close to being in UFC’s first tournament

In a rare and captivating moment, combatants who once graced the octagon together in November 1993 recently reunited.

Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Gerard Gordeau, Taylor Wily, Zane Frazier, and Art Jimmerson came together, creating a nostalgic symphony as they reminisced about the golden era. The reunion was aptly named “The Legends of UFC 1 | Fighters of the Roundtable.” It was organised by the UFC itself.

The first UFC event witnessed specialists from diverse combat forms engage in a no-holds-barred tournament to determine the ultimate combat sports style.

In a recent reunion panel streamed on the promotion’s YouTube channel, Gracie shed light on the rumors surrounding Mike Tyson’s potential participation in UFC 1.

Confirming Tyson’s interest, Gracie stated: “I heard him say yes, but the people around him said no…That’s what I heard…”

Fellow participant Zane Frazier disclosed his eagerness to face the former heavyweight boxing champion in the tournament’s first round. Frazier believed that Tyson’s involvement in UFC 1 would have greatly increased its legitimacy at the time.

He asserted: “That was the only guy [Mike Tyson] I said, ‘I want that guy, man.’ Because then I would be able to say now we got all the real tough guys here.”

The hypothetical clash between boxing legend Tyson and grappling and submissions master Gracie leaves fans to ponder what might have happened.

Undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers in history, Mike Tyson has now transitioned to become a trainer. He prepared Francis Ngannou to face Tyson Fury by training him.

Before this match, news of the first Mike Tyson Gym surfaced. Following Fury’s close split-decision victory over Ngannou, the boxing gym officially opened its doors in Riyadh.

Mike Tyson previously revealed he was furious when one of his sons tried to wrestle him:

Tyson told Valuetainment: “I have a son [in his 20s], and every now and then he tries to wrestle with me.”

“He’s bigger and he tries to wrestle with me.”

“I tell him, ‘Get your f***ing hands off me.’

“I know what’s in his mind, I don’t let him play with me like that.”

“I’m dead serious.”

Explaining his reasoning, Tyson said: “Listen, for some reason when you have young kids, they challenge you for their mother’s love any kind of way.”

“If you’re sleeping with them, they wanna get in the middle when they’re babies.”

“If you’re having an argument, they wanna defend her and challenge you.”

“It’s all about that connection, they feel they have to protect their mother.”

“You can’t be mad at that, so you’ve gotta pick your battles, that’s all.”