Tyson Fury received a ‘hybrid’ UFC offer

After intervention from the UFC, discussions for a matchup between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury seem to be progressing well.

Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou’s departure from the UFC has created an intriguing turn of events in the combat sports world. Ngannou had been eyeing a boxing debut since a long time, setting his sights on boxing sensation Tyson Fury and a number of other boxers.

But with Ngannou’s departure, the UFC heavyweight title was left vacant. Jon Jones made his debut in the heavyweight category and ended up winning it. It now appears that Jon Jones might step in to challenge Tyson Fury in a boxing match rather than Francis Ngannou.

In recent weeks, Fury and Jones have engaged in a social media exchange. It was sparked by a hypothetical comment from UFC commentator Joe Rogan, suggesting that Jones could defeat Fury. Surprisingly, this banter has escalated to the possibility of an actual showdown between the two combatants. UFC President Dana White has also expressed interest in organizing this high-profile matchup within the confines of the UFC Octagon.

While Fury initially expressed a desire for the match to take place in a boxing ring, he has shown some openness to alternative arrangements. During a discussion on Twitter Spaces with foxifytrade via The Mac Life, Fury revealed that the UFC had presented him with an offer.

“I’ve been in talks with Francis Ngannou for a hybrid fight. There’s talks of me and Jon Jones doing a hybrid fight. As we talk right now I received an offer from the UFC yesterday. So we never know what’s going to happen.”

“The future’s bright for sure. And there’s a lot of options out there. And it seems at the moment I’m struggling to get an actual boxing opponent.”

Jones too, has exhibited keen interest in the potential matchup. According to an MMA insider on Twitter, Jones is open to exploring the possibility of a multidisciplinary clash with Fury.

A showdown between Jones and Fury would undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most significant matches. Never before have two heavyweight champions from the UFC and boxing faced each other in such a manner, making this prospective matchup an extraordinary event for combat sports enthusiasts worldwide.