Tyson Fury tapped UFC Heavyweight to help prepare for Francis Ngannou

Tom Aspinall has confirmed his participation in Tyson Fury’s training camp for the upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou. The collaboration between Aspinall and Fury is not entirely new, as they have trained together in the past.

This time, Fury himself reached out to Aspinall to seek his assistance in preparing for the challenge posed by the former UFC champion.

The decision to involve Aspinall in the training camp stems from the understanding that MMA combatants adopt different stances and techniques compared to traditional boxers.


In a recent interview with TNT Sports, Aspinall shared his thoughts on the upcoming clash between Fury and Ngannou. While acknowledging Ngannou’s punching power, Aspinall expressed his belief that the odds of Ngannou winning are slim.

He said: “Interesting, definitely. Slight puncher’s chance for Ngannou. But, I don’t think he has much of a puncher’s chance. Tyson actually called me the other day and wants me to help him with his training camp, so that will be interesting”

Elaborating on Fury’s invitation to join his training camp, Aspinall stated that he eagerly accepted the offer. The opportunity to train with Tyson Fury not only benefits Fury but also works wonders for Aspinall’s own career.

With Aspinall becoming part of Fury’s training regimen, he confidently predicted victory for Fury in the upcoming bout. Aspinall believes that Ngannou’s only feasible path to success lies in securing a flash knockout, an outcome he deems unlikely given Fury’s exceptional defensive skills.

Aspinall stated: “I think so, yeah. We’re gonna chat after the fight, I’ll give him a ring next week and we’ll go over what he wants to do or whatever. We’ll see. But, interesting, fair play to Ngannou for getting what he wants. He has a puncher’s chance of course he hits like a truck, but he has to be able to land it. Fury is a master”

Currently, Aspinall is gearing up for his return to the Octagon after recovering from a knee injury. After losing to Curtis Blaydes in July, he will now compete against Marcin Tybura.