Tyson Fury roasts himself: Joshua did “what a boxer should do” to Ngannou

In a surprising display of skills, Anthony Joshua seized the spotlight on Friday. He delivered a decisive blow to Francis Ngannou with a second-round knockout (KO). This remarkable performance left the boxing community buzzing, as Joshua secured victory with two knockdowns within the initial rounds.

Ngannou’s journey into the boxing arena has been nothing short of daring. Facing two of the heavyweight division’s most formidable opponents in his boxing matches, the former UFC champion faced a substantial challenge. While his bout against Tyson Fury showed promise, Joshua’s recent win raises questions about Ngannou’s transition.

Tyson Fury is a seasoned figure in the boxing world, and had warned of Ngannou’s overconfidence leading up to the match. Prior to the knockout, Fury expressed his belief that Ngannou had become overly cocky since their previous encounter.

After the match, Fury shared his thoughts on the spectacle. He said: “It was a fantastic knockout. It was a very rude awakening for Ngannou. He got a little bit cocky… He got knocked out, and that’s what a boxer should do to an MMA fighter.”

In essence, Fury is claiming that Joshua handled the bout against Ngannou in the way that he should have handled it himself.

Within the boxing community, opinions are divided. Top Rank CEO Bob Arum suggested that Fury might not have adequately prepared for the match, underestimating Ngannou in the process.

While Joshua’s win may suggest an unveiling of Ngannou’s vulnerabilities, an alternative perspective looms. It’s also possible that Fury is fading while Joshua is just performing at the peak of his abilities. Everything will become clear in May when Oleksandr Usyk challenges for the title.

Anticipation also builds for a potential rematch between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. The outcome of these future bouts holds the key to reshaping the heavyweight landscape.