Tyson Fury explains Ngannou match up over Usyk: “It’s about the money”

The MMA fandom is abuzz ever since Ngannou’s epic boxing debut has been announced. He’ll been taking on Tyson Fury in a clash for the ages.

Still many believe Ngannou only has a puncher’s chance – and is out of his league.

Fury faced plenty of criticism for choosing Ngannou match up over WBC title defenses against the likes of Usyk or even any other contender.

In a recent revelation on talkSPORT, Carl Froch shares Tyson Fury’s perspective on his upcoming bout with Francis Ngannou, and it seems the choice is primarily driven by financial motives. The clash between boxing’s WBC heavyweight champion and the former UFC heavyweight titleholder is scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia, sparking both excitement and criticism among sports fans.

“Well, I’ve gotta stand by what I said in my immediate reaction, which was, ‘It’s a load of s***.’ As a boxing fan, I’ve got absolutely zero interest in Fury fighting Ngannou. No interest at all.” – Froch said

Froch further disclosed a conversation he had with Fury in the past week, shedding light on the reasons behind the unconventional fight.

“It might get massive numbers, it might make a lot of money,” Froch stated. “I think the Saudis want to pay big money for it, so that’s fine, but just say it how it is, call it for what it is. Just come out and say, ‘Listen, it’s not a boxing match, it’s not a professional fight, this guy’s probably got no chance, but we’re gonna have a bit of fun.'”

While recognizing the financial incentives, Froch emphasized the importance of being honest with the fans and acknowledging the bout’s entertainment value.

“If they were just honest and said, ‘Look, there’s nothing happening, we need to keep Fury active and make him money, he’s a prize fighter.’ No one’s gonna begrudge a prize fighter from making money, certainly not us, we come from the same sport as him.”

Carl Froch’s concern lies with the promotional hype surrounding the fight, spearheaded by Frank Warren, rather than Tyson Fury himself. Froch reached out to Fury, who confirmed that the bout’s allure lies in the financial gain it offers.

Fury’s candid response: “It’s the biggest fight in heavyweight boxing,” he conveyed to Froch. “I’m getting paid more than I would’ve got.”

While acknowledging the business perspective behind the matchup, Froch expressed that fans should not be misled into believing that the card represents a monumental shift in the sport or a historical event for boxing.