Tyson Fury blasts Joe Rogan over Jon Jones praise: “The little f***ing bald-headed m*dget”

A while ago Joe Rogan speculated on a hypothetical matchup between heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and mixed martial arts legend Jon Jones in a no holds barred scenario

This has sparked a heated debate among combat sports enthusiasts.

“No one thinks that Tyson Fury beat Jon Jones in a fight. No one thinks that. Tyson doesn’t think that. You want to talk about who’s the baddest man on the planet? If Jon Jones and Tyson Fury are locked into a room, I’m pushing all of my chips on black.”

He added, “Tyson Fury is an amazing boxer. [But] He doesn’t have a f**king chance in hell of making it out of that room… Zero chance.”

Joe Rogan asserted that Fury would have little chance against Jones due to the latter’s formidable wrestling skills. Not one to back down from a challenge, Fury responded to Rogan’s comments with his trademark confidence.

Fury dismissed Rogan’s analysis, referring to him as a “little f***ing bald-headed midget.”

Fury boldly declared himself as the “baddest man on the planet” and confidently asserted that no man, including Jon Jones, could defeat him in a one-on-one encounter.

Demonstrating his characteristic bravado, Fury expressed his conviction that he would emerge victorious from any room, regardless of the challenge presented.

“I’m the baddest man on the planet,” Fury said on his Instagram story. “I heard Joe Rogan say something about me the other day, and I’ve been off all the social media so I didn’t reply to the little p*ssy. The little f***ing bald-headed midget.

“I heard him say that Jon Jones could f*ck me up if we were in a room together. I don’t think so. Not a man born from a mother can f*ck me up in a room on our own.

“Whatever happens in that room, I’d be walking out. Not a f***ing problem.”