Two taken into custody after unrest at a rally aiming to protect Women in sports

Two individuals were taken into custody at Penn State University after causing a disturbance during Riley Gaines’ appearance at a “Real Women’s Day” event. Videos circulating on social media captured the incident, which involved protesters approaching Gaines and a table set up for the event.

In the video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by The College Fix, two individuals are seen approaching the table where Gaines was expected to attend. One of them knocks objects off the table, while the other confronts an individual holding a “there are only two sexes” sign, accusing him of being “transphobic.” This escalates as the second person flips over the table.

When a police officer arrives on the scene, an attempt is made to detain one of the individuals, who responds aggressively. In the video, the person can be heard protesting and using strong language. The officer states that they are being detained for “disorderly conduct.”

Subsequently, the video shows both individuals in handcuffs next to a police vehicle.

Gaines informed Fox News Digital via text that two individuals were arrested during the incident. However, university police had not immediately responded to inquiries from Fox News Digital at the time of reporting.

Earlier, protesters had gathered at Gaines’ speech, chanting “trans lives matter.” Gaines had previously stated that her appearance was canceled, but the university contradicted this claim, clarifying that the event proceeded as planned.

This incident highlights the tensions surrounding discussions of gender and identity on college campuses.

Riley Gaines’ Lawsuit Against Lia Thomas

In a separate incident, former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines filed a $2 million lawsuit against Lia Thomas, the NCAA Division 1 championship and transwoman swimmer.

Gaines alleged that she was assaulted during a visit to San Francisco State University, where she expressed her opposition to the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports. The altercation occurred after Gaines criticized Thomas for being awarded recognition during Women’s History Month.

In response, Thomas referred to Gaines as a ‘pampered child’ and mocked her in a TikTok video. The lawsuit claims that Thomas’ actions amounted to fraud, causing significant emotional distress to Gaines, who felt that her hard-earned achievement had been undermined.