Tsarukyan will gift fan he punched UFC 303 tickets, thinks commission will penalize him further

Arman Tsarukyan wants to settle the beef with the fan he punched during his UFC 300 walk out.

Tsarukyan, who secured victory on Saturday, has opted to gift tickets for the forthcoming UFC 303 occasion to the fan he had a scuffle with.

The incident occurred when Tsarukyan was leaving the arena and a fan repeatedly provoked him, flipping him off. Tsarukyan reacted by punching the fan, which was caught on camera.

Despite the violent act, Tsarukyan revealed in a conversation that the fan had apologized to him, stating he “got carried away in the moment” but congratulated Tsarukyan on his performance.

In a gracious response, Tsarukyan accepted the fan’s apology and decided to gift him tickets to UFC 303, saying “I gave him [the fan] tickets. That’s fair.”

However, Tsarukyan seemed concerned that the athletic commission would still penalize him further for the incident, stating “I heard I’m going to get in trouble with the commission.”

It remains to be seen what disciplinary action, if any, the commission takes against Tsarukyan for punching the fan. But in an unexpected turn, the fighter has extended an olive branch by providing the very fan he struck with tickets to the upcoming UFC 303 event.