Tristan Tate reacts to police investigation in alleged virtual reality attack

Tristan Tate recently voiced his opposition on X/Twitter regarding law enforcement probing a virtual attack in a digital reality setting. Though there aren’t many details available about the event, Tate criticized the idea that these kinds of inquiries would become commonplace.

Tristan Tate firmly believes that incidents occurring in virtual spaces (particularly within video games) should not fall under law enforcement’s purview. He went so far as to call the circumstances absurd, stating the following:

“Everyday millions are shot and killed … in Call of Duty. Let your daughter play videogames or don’t. If this becomes a crime I’m moving to Mars.”

Similar to his sibling, Tristan Tate strongly critiques modern progressivism. This has led to both of them often leveling harsh criticism at different social advancements.

The brothers often utilize X as their way of expressing their opinions. They are renowned for their alleged sexist statements or their frequent criticism of other people.

Due to their many remarks, both brothers have courted a great deal of controversy. The allegations brought against them have recently caused their public image to suffer even more severely.

Back in June 2023, both brothers were charged with r*pe, human trafficking and the creation of an organized crime group to achieve their illicit goals. Both maintain their innocence in the face of charges, attributing their experiences to a socio-political conspiracy against them.

While Andrew Tate boasts a more renowned combat sports career, Tristan Tate also possesses substantial experience. The two brothers had previously dabbled in kickboxing. However, they left combat sports and have recently turned their attention to becoming social media gurus.

Despite exiting the realms of kickboxing and MMA, they maintain popularity among various combatants. Some of them include UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley, unbeaten middleweight Khamzat Chimaev, and three-time welterweight title challenger Colby Covington. Notably, the elder Tate brother received an invitation to attend one of Chimaev’s bouts but was unable to do so.