Transgender rugby player injures Three female rugby players

Transgender individuals participating in women’s sports is still a controversial topic.

Recently, swimmer Lia Thomas made headlines around the world. The transgender swimmer used to compete as a man and had a mediocre career. After she transitioned into a woman, Thomas won several swimming competitions and broke school and national records. In the end she even captured an NCAA title.

Thomas sparked a worldwide debate. Several athletes and personalities like Joe Rogan began to question whether it was fair for cisgender women to  have to compete against transgender athletes.

Recently, another case sparked that debate.

A transgender kid, identifying and playing as a female on Guam High School’s rugby team allegedly injured three Tiyan High School girls during Saturday’s season opener, according to Tiyan High School coach Conrad Kerber.

Coach Kerber straight out called for a ban on transgender players after the incident.

“The aggressive nature that was witnessed clearly showed that it’s a definite issue that we have to deal with,” he told Kuam News. “I had three players that were injured in that first game against Guam High directly by that particular player.”

“Right now, we just have to come together as a group and discuss the proper path to take, discuss what the parameters are with allowing transgender males in full contact sports such as rugby.”

The coach also stated that he wishes for the high school league to adopt the “World Rugby Law”.

The World Rugby Law rulebook states that “transgender women may not currently play women’s rugby because of the size, force and power-producing advantages conferred by testosterone during puberty and adolescence, and the resultant player welfare risks serious injuries.”

Kerber also said that his views are not a purge against transgender athletes, but simply a safety measure to protect female competitors.

“It’s purely a safety issue when we discuss transgender males playing in female sports at a youth level particularly at this type of contact sport as well. I’m basically in line with the world rugby guidelines regarding transgender males playing female sports and basically, across the world, it’s not permitted,” he said.

The high school girls that faced the transgender teenager, also agree that the bout was not fair.

“I hope they don’t kick her out,” said one of the 16-year-old rugby players who asked to remain anonymous.