Tommy Fury on Jake Paul contract shenanigan: “You couldn’t pay me a trillion pounds to take a dive”

Jake Paul is often hounded with the accusations that there’s impropriety to his boxing bouts. It all started with a questionable stoppage against Ben Askren at the very start of his pro boxing career.

Controversies followed Paul even as he changed promoters from questionable Triller to Showtime Boxing. Time and time again there were accusations of ‘no knockout’ secret clauses and scrutinized footage.

Dillon Danis is largely responsible for the shadow that looms over Paul’s boxing career because he repeatedly claimed he had proof that Paul rigged his outing against Woodley.

Tommy Fury has verified that the contract for his forthcoming bout with Jake Paul does not include any clauses to “fix” the match.

Next month, Fury and Paul are expected to square off in the latter’s sixth professional bout.

Paddy Pimblett also expressed doubt about the authenticity of Paul’s wins.

When talking about accusations against Paul, Fury told Rob Moore:

“I don’t know. I’m not there on negotiations [for other fighters]. I don’t see the contract, I don’t know. But there’s nothing in my contract for the two previous fights that were scheduled, there was nothing like that. You couldn’t pay me a trillion pounds to take a dive. Money’s not my god. Money’s nice – it makes the world go round, but it’s not everything.”

Paul has always vigorously denied the accusations, arguing that they are absurd. He said: “Look, it’s a bunch of losers trying to make s*** up to get in the headlines and to get reporters to ask about that exact question and put their name into the mix so they can get a little bit of clout.”

“Having a ‘no knockout clause’ in a contract – I’ve never heard of that. It’s highly illegal, I would be in jail. That’s like rigging a fight. I would be in prison if that was a real thing. It’s all nonsense, it’s all bulls*** and they got exactly what they wanted out of it, which was for people to mention their name.”

Some fans were quick to point out that Fury detailed that his sole motivation for taking this bout was financial – in the very same interview.

“I’m not doing it for money, I’m doing it for passion and my dream. This man is just dropping into the sport, dropping in and dropping out seeing what he can do. ”

“Making a quick buck – the way the world’s gone at the minute it’s absolutely crazy and before going on Love Island, even after coming out of Love Island before all this Jake Paul YouTube boxing stuff started, I was fighting legitimate people.”