Tito Ortiz gives Brendan Schaub a run for his money with latest mushmouth interview


Dana White has an intricate history in the MMA game. Before becoming the President of the UFC, White made his initial mark as a boxing coach in Boston and later transitioned into MMA management.

In his earlier days, Dana White played a pivotal role in managing and guiding the careers of several fighters, including the likes of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. However, as is often the case in the fight business, relationships can sour, and interests may diverge.

One such strained relationship was between Dana White and Tito Ortiz, a fighter who felt undervalued and believed that White’s priorities were no longer in alignment with his own.

Recently, Dana White didn’t mince words when discussing Tito Ortiz, shining a light on what he saw as unsavory tactics employed by the fighter to secure better compensation.

White’s candid assessment of Ortiz didn’t hold back: “Here is the problem with Tito, and Tito is just a really dumb human being. He’s not intelligent at all. He’s very, very fking stupid. Okay, let’s start there. And, I mean, look at him. Speak publicly any time. Look, Google Tito Ortiz talking OC. You know, and I don’t have any beef with Tito anymore. And I don’t. I can tell you, you’re fking stupid, Tito.”

White went on to shed light on Ortiz’s financial demands during fight negotiations, describing a scenario where Ortiz would demand additional compensation, often threatening not to show up unless he received it. “Tito would call and say, I’m not going to show up unless you pay me another $150,000 or whatever the number was. He would do this on the regular, you know, and I would go f**king crazy,” White recounted.

However, it’s worth noting that Dana White, like many figures in the MMA industry, can sometimes present a narrative that aligns with his perspective.

Recent developments have seen a resurfaced interview featuring Tito Ortiz, in which he answered various questions, including whether he had ever done blackface and some unconventional thoughts about Megan Thee Stallion. Some UFC fans view this interview as a classic Ortiz moment, potentially even surpassing the antics of Brendan Schaub.

Previously Ortiz went viral when an iconic line of his resurfaced.

Tito Ortiz: “I want to outlive my children.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is notorious for having trouble arranging his words, but he always exudes 100% confidence.

In one interview, he revealed that he was adopting a healthy lifestyle, and he said he wanted to outlive his children. This baffling statement is a perfect example of how Tito Ortiz’s trash talk is sometimes unintentionally hilarious.