TikToker Bryce Hall set to debut in BKFC after slap incident at weigh-ins

Bryce Hall is a popular TikTok star with a massive following of 27 million on TikTok and YouTube. He is set to join the league of social media personalities venturing into the world of combat sports.

A recent viral video during the BKFC 45 event has garnered significant attention. It is being utilized as promotional material for Hall’s much-anticipated debut in bare-knuckle.

During the BKFC 45 weigh-ins in Hollywood, BKFC combatant Gee Perez delivered an unexpected slap to Bryce Hall. Though the action seemed out of the blue, it was actually part of a promotional strategy aimed at generating excitement and anticipation for Hall’s entrance into the world of bare-knuckle.

BKFC president David Feldman has confirmed that Bryce Hall will be making his bare-knuckle debut this summer. Drawing parallels to the highly acclaimed BKFC 19 event in 2021 which featured six ‘influencers’ in ‘Platform Showdown,’ Feldman believes that Hall’s venture into bare-knuckle will undoubtedly captivate a substantial audience.

It is important to note that unlike the previous event where influencers were allowed to participate with gloves, the upcoming bouts will strictly adhere to the established regulations of bare-knuckle matches.

Bryce Hall previously engaged in a boxing match against fellow influencer Austin McBroom. It unfortunately resulted in a third-round TKO loss for Hall.

KSI is a prominent figure in the influencer boxing scene. He played a significant role in shaping its current landscape. In response to Bryce Hall’s recent hint at a return to boxing, KSI jokingly mocked the TikTok star.

Earlier this year, Bryce Hall teased his potential comeback to the boxing ring almost a year and a half after his defeat against Austin McBroom. He shared a 45-second video showcasing his recent pad work and expressing his eagerness to return to the sport he holds dear.

While many fans acknowledged Bryce Hall’s decent form despite the extended break, KSI couldn’t resist making a lighthearted comment. He advised Hall to “take the gloves off.”

Hall swiftly responded by mocking KSI’s recent victory over Joe Fournier. Thanks to a “accidental elbow,” that result was later reversed and ruled a no-decision. He tweeted:

KSI promptly dismissed the invitation, asserting that Misfits boxer Halal Ham would easily defeat Hall. He tweeted:

As Bryce Hall prepares for his upcoming bare-knuckle debut, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the TikTok star’s foray into the world of combat sports. With his massive online following and the promotional momentum surrounding his entrance, Bryce Hall is poised to make a substantial impact in the realm of bare-knuckle.