Tiktok bans account that used Joe Rogan deepfake to sell supplements

Read to end for another very good Rogan deep fake video.


Joe Rogan is well-known as a UFC commentator, host and fitness enthusiast – but he mostly gets in trouble for the information he spreads on his podcast.

Despite his strong knowledge of physical and mental health, a recent video on TikTok featuring Rogan promoting a libido-boosting supplement called Alpha Grind turned out to be fake after deeper inspection

The video utilized a Deepfake technique to create Rogan’s voice, tricking viewers into believing it was authentic.

Although the video quickly went viral, receiving over 5 million views, TikTok deleted it and removed the account that posted it.

This kind of misinformation violates TikTok’s harmful misinformation policy. Dr. Andrew Huberman, who was a guest on Rogan’s podcast during the fake video, denied ever having the conversation that was portrayed in the video.


Unfortunately, deepfake videos have become increasingly common on social media platforms, including TikTok. While the platform has been making efforts to remove them since 2020, it remains a difficult task. As easy access to AI makes creating these videos simpler than ever, it is essential to remain vigilant and skeptical of information found online.

Another Joe Rogan deep fake went viral – this time a ‘conversation’ between Joe Rogan and Rightwing pundit Ben Shapiro. In this wholesome deep fake, the two discussed the 2011 movie Kung fu panda 2.