The nutritionist of UFC champions just absolutely buried the UFC’s hydration sponsor Prime

Jordan Sullivan is the nutritionist behind the dietary regimens of MMA stars Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski. He has scrutinized the claims made by Logan Paul’s PRIME energy drink, which holds the title of being the UFC’s official hydration partner.

Amid accusations and scrutiny aimed at his sports drinks, Logan Paul faces allegations from Democratic New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who has voiced concerns about potential health risks posed to children by the beverage’s packaging. The controversy has prompted Schumer to call for an FDA investigation.

Paul has vociferously countered Schumer’s allegations, asserting that the caffeine levels in PRIME align with those present in established brands like Gatorade’s FastSwitch and Celsius.

Taking a closer look at the situation, Jordan Sullivan,shared his insights on Paul’s claims. In a video shared by renowned nutrition coach James Smith, Sullivan delved into the mechanisms of fluid absorption in the body.

He explained how liquids are processed in the stomach and eventually introduced into the bloodstream via specialized points on the stomach’s lining. This process is efficiently facilitated by an ideal balance of sodium and glucose in energy drinks.

Sullivan went on to assert that Logan Paul’s PRIME energy drink functions in a counterproductive manner, contrary to the principles of effective intestinal absorption found in established energy drinks. He highlighted the contradiction in PRIME’s comparisons with other drinks, stating that those comparisons are unfounded due to PRIME’s lack of adequate hydrating or sports drink properties.


This assessment by Jordan Sullivan gains significance considering that Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski recently entered into an endorsement deal with PRIME.

Earlier this year, UFC champions Volkanovski and Adesanya made headlines by partnering with PRIME, the hydration brand co-founded by Logan Paul and KSI in 2022. The collaboration was accompanied by a video showcasing Paul training alongside the two UFC stars, fueling speculation about potential future partnerships.

Prime’s deal with UFC is also quite problematic considering that there are professional athletes out there begging for a sponsorship while having to compete with the logo plastered all over.

UFC star poured energy drink all over himself after KO win, desperately seeking sponsorship. That being said Gunnar Nelson was actually successful in pursuing a bonus from the energy drink because he secured the submission on top of the logo.

With reported retail sales surpassing $250 million since its inception, PRIME Hydration has swiftly gained popularity. The company also marked its entry into the world of MMA by becoming the official sports drink of the UFC and an official partner of the UFC Performance Institute.

As part of their association with PRIME, the UFC athletes were presented with diamond-studded ‘Prime’ chains estimated to be worth approximately $25,000. This collaboration has brought together athletes from different domains, sparking conversations about the intersection of sports, hydration, and business in the modern age.