(Video) When Usyk spared two guys at once and knocked them down at the same time


Heavyweight boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk is known for his incredible skill and technical prowess in the ring. However, a resurfaced video shows the Ukrainian displaying a more lighthearted side during an intense sparring session.

In the viral clip, Usyk can be seen taking on two opponents simultaneously in the boxing gym. While his sparring partners came at him aggressively, the 37-year-old remained calm and elusive, slipping punches with his trademark defensive movement.

At one humorous moment, Usyk decided to launch an unorthodox double punch, swinging both hands out at the same time in an attempt to simultaneously knock down his two opponents. The move was equal parts ridiculous and entertaining to watch unfold.

As expected, the double punch proved completely ineffective, with both sparring partners easily evading the wild technique. The three men then resumed trading regular blows until the round concluded amidst laughter.

The lighthearted sparring footage quickly went viral after being shared on social media, with fans praising Usyk’s skills while also poking fun at the bizarre double punch attempt. Many compared the two overmatched sparring partners to Usyk’s upcoming heavyweight unification bout against giant Tyson Fury.

While the double punch provided comic relief, Usyk has been all business in his preparations to try and claim Fury’s WBC title and become the undisputed heavyweight champion. The generational talent aims to add the final piece to his already illustrious boxing career in the May 18th clash in Saudi Arabia.