Boxing fans compare size of the gloves for Mike Tyson-Jake Paul to Mickey Mouse gloves

Fans have voiced their disappointment and concern over the glove size that Mike Tyson will wear in his upcoming match against Jake Paul. The event is scheduled for July 20th at Cowboys Stadium.

The Texas State Athletic Commission sanctioned the match as an official pro bout. The commission has mandated the use of 14-ounce gloves. This decision was made to ensure the boxers’ safety due to the significant age difference between the 57-year-old Tyson and the 27-year-old Paul. The standard glove size for such matches is typically 10 ounces.

At a press conference in New York, Tyson and Paul posed for photos in their ring gear, drawing immediate attention to the size of Tyson’s gloves. Fans quickly took to social media to express their dissatisfaction. One fan mockingly referred to them as “Mickey Mouse gloves,” while another doubted the oversized gloves would actually be used in the ring.

One fan complained: “There is no way they are fighting with those pillows”

Another said: “Is this not ridiculous to anyone? Look at those damn gloves, also why is this even a fight?”

Despite the outcry over the gloves, Tyson and Paul appeared relaxed and jovial at the press conference. Tyson playfully shadowboxed with Paul during a face-off photo op.

Both showed mutual respect. Paul jokingly refers to himself as “titanium Jake Paul” as compared to to Tyson’s “Iron Mike.”

The match will be streamed live on Netflix at no additional cost to subscribers, generating significant interest and debate among fans and pundits. While some view the bout as an exhibition, others see it as a legitimate matchup between contenders from different eras of boxing. The event is expected to attract a large audience, with Tyson’s enduring popularity and Paul’s appeal to a younger demographic.

Held at the iconic Apollo Theater, the press conference drew a diverse crowd of fans. Many sported Tyson T-shirts and New York Knicks hats, reflecting Tyson’s roots as a Brooklyn native. Despite mixed reactions to the glove size, there was palpable excitement as fans anticipated the clash between the legendary boxer and the controversial YouTuber-turned-boxer.