UFC star pours energy drink all over himself after KO win, desperately seeking sponsorship

UFC has been raking it in. The latest financial report on the organization have them making money hand over fist all while their stars struggle.

While UFC brass claimed the sponsors on shorts were undignified, the octagon is quickly filling out.


The evolution of sponsors on the UFC:

And yet somehow – last night’s event was even worse.

But the actual UFC stars are getting just a fraction, which is one of the reasons why Joaquin Buckley decided to take the stunt approach.

Joaquin Buckley made a return to the welterweight division at UFC Vegas 73 on Saturday. Andre Fialho served as his welcoming opponent, and their clash was the second on the main card at the Apex event.

Despite competing at a lower weight class, Buckley showcased his muscular physique and wasted no time in engaging with a determined Andre Fialho. The action started with both stars exchanging heavy blows, with Fialho finding some success utilizing his right hand. However, Buckley adapted his strategy later in the round and executed a successful takedown.

In the final minute of the opening round, Buckley secured another takedown, although Fialho quickly regained his footing.

The second round was momentarily halted when Buckley absorbed a borderline low kick. After a brief pause to recover, the action resumed, only for Fialho to momentarily stagger Buckley with a powerful right hand. Two minutes into the round, Buckley closed the distance and successfully landed punches on Fialho, making his presence felt.

As the round progressed, Buckley attempted a spinning back kick, narrowly missing his target. However, he quickly redeemed himself with a devastating head kick, catching Fialho off guard and sending him crashing to the canvas.

Buckley capitalized on the opportunity and swiftly finished the bout with a follow-up strike, leaving no doubt about his victory. Once again, Buckley added another impressive highlight reel win to his already remarkable record.

Buckley followed up getting drenched in Prime by saying:

“Logan Paul, you got your Prime s**t all over the place. Sponsor athletes from the UFC, fool. Come on bruh. Get your boy New Mansa in the building, let’s get it.”

Paul reacted to the shout out.

There’s no confirmation yet regarding the sponsorship but a little while back Logan did sponsor Gunnal Nelson for finishing a submission on top of the Prime ad.