Testy Conor McGregor would rather box Manny Pacquiao if UFC doesn’t give him a date soon

UFC icon Conor McGregor has stirred the combat sports world yet again with his aspirations for a boxing match. He wants to compete against the retired boxing legend Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor’s desire for this showdown has been fueled by the UFC’s delay in scheduling his upcoming match. This has prompted him to contemplate an alternative path to the ring.

During his presence at the Otto Wallin-Anthony Joshua bout in Saudi Arabia, McGregor took the opportunity to express his interest in facing Pacquiao in a boxing ring on the same grounds. In an interview with IFL TV at the event, McGregor proposed the idea of a Saudi showdown with Pacquiao. He challenged the boxing icon to step into the ring.

McGregor said: “How about me vs Manny here in Saudi? How does that sound to you? Wouldn’t you think Manny should come up to my weight considering it’s his sport.”

McGregor also shed light on an ongoing financial disagreement. He stated that Pacquiao owes him a substantial sum of $8 million due to a legal matter involving their prior professional arrangement.

“Would you think that’s a man would do? vs what a mouse would do?…Money talks, Manny already owes me $8 million via court of law cause he was signed to my management company and didn’t honor his deal.”

Expressing his frustration, McGregor revealed a communication void with the UFC regarding a scheduled matchup. He then compared it with the discussions initiated by the Saudi representatives.

McGregor expressed frustrations over the handling of his match schedule by the UFC, emphasizing the lack of communication and delays. This has left him feeling neglected and mistreated in the sphere of professional fighting.

McGregor stated: “The lads in the UFC aren’t talking, the lads here (Saudis) are talking many, the lads in the UFC aren’t talking any …Give me something, it was supposed to be April, it was supposed to be December…no one in the history of the fight game has been treated like I’ve been getting treated.”

Although many people think McGregor will face Michael Chandler at UFC 300 in April, there are reports that the bout will really take place in the summer of 2024.