Teacher goes viral for spanking student in class

An elementary school teacher is facing scrutiny after a video of her giving a student “birthday spankings” on his special day went viral. Yet, TikTokers are divided on whether her actions were inappropriate or harmless.

In a time when teachers have made headlines for various reasons, this latest incident has sparked a debate about the boundaries of teacher-student interactions.

The video, initially shared on TikTok, shows a teacher standing beside a young elementary school student. To the surprise of viewers, the teacher proceeds to give the student his “birthday spanking” using a sizable wooden ruler.

While the notion of “birthday spankings” might raise eyebrows, the context is crucial. Both the student and teacher appear to be in high spirits, with broad smiles on their faces. The “spanks” themselves seem more like playful taps than anything punitive.

In North America, it’s a tradition for the birthday boy or girl to receive a number of light “spanks” equal to their age, plus one extra for good luck, during their birthday celebration.

The video has sparked a mixed response on TikTok, with some questioning the teacher’s actions and others defending the harmless tradition.

Critics argue that such interactions should be avoided, even on a child’s birthday. They contend that it’s not an appropriate practice.

On the other side, supporters see the innocence and fun behind this age-old tradition, emphasizing that it’s intended to be light-hearted and enjoyable. Some even mention that “birthday spanks” were a common practice in their own schools.