Takeru’s leg looks unrecognizable a day after Superlek clash

In a thrilling ONE 165 main event, the reigning flyweight kickboxing world champion Superlek Kiatmoo9 showcased his skills. He put his coveted world title on the line against the esteemed K-1 legend Takeru Segawa.

The opening round unfolded as a captivating display of skill, with both combatants engaging in a relentless exchange of vicious leg kicks. Superlek demonstrated a brilliant mix of strikes, targeting Takeru’s legs while sporadically unleashing powerful blows to the body. As the first round concluded, Superlek clearly held the advantage and left Takeru struggling to find his offensive rhythm.

The second round witnessed Superlek’s relentless assault on Takeru’s lead leg. Despite occasional flurries from  Takeru when closing the distance, Superlek maintained dominance. Moments of success for Takeru were scarce, as Superlek’s strategic leg attacks dictated the pace.

In a dramatic shift during the third round, Takeru cornered Superlek and unleashed a flurry of body blows. With a minute left, the defending champ found himself covering up in order to absorb Takeru’s strikes. This momentum swing potentially cost Superlek the round, making the outcome uncertain heading into the championship rounds.



The fourth round showcased Superlek as the more active competitor, but Takeru’s relentless pressure and body attacks took a toll on the defending champ. As the match entered the fifth and final round, both combatants emptied their gas tanks. Superlek displayed exceptional knee strikes. He targeted Takeru’s body, while Takeru retaliated with powerful right hands.

With only three minutes remaining, the two gave their all. Takeru sought a last-second knockout, but Superlek maintained distance and successfully evaded the decisive blow. The final bell rang, and Superlek Kiatmoo9 secured victory via unanimous decision. He ended up retaining the ONE flyweight kickboxing world championship.

Takeru apparently fractured his knee in addition to all this leg bruising. But he seems it be in good spirits despite initial rumors he might be contemplating retirement.