Strongmen’s MMA tournament set for February, Martyn Ford included

Renowned strongman Eddie Hall, winner of the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, is set to make waves in the MMA world. The 35-year-old, known for his incredible feats of strength, initially retired due to health concerns but found a new passion in combat sports, making his boxing debut against fellow strongman Thor Bjornsson last year.

The exhibition boxing match between the two former Strongmen, dubbed ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match In History,’ saw Bjornsson emerge victorious via unanimous decision after six rounds. Unhappy with the outcome, Hall called for a rematch that never materialized.

Now, Hall is taking his combat journey a step further by venturing into mixed martial arts. In a recent social media announcement, he revealed his participation in the Finishers Championship promotion on February 17 in Qatar. Joining him in this four-man eliminator tournament are fellow heavyweight competitors Brian Shaw, Martyn Ford, and Mitchell Hooper.


Hall’s opponent in this anticipated MMA debut will be Martyn Ford, a well-known bodybuilder and social media personality with a keen interest in combat sports. Ford, previously scheduled to face ‘The Iranian Hulk,’ encountered complications leading to the cancellation of the bout.

The tournament also features the formidable Brian Shaw and Mitchell Hooper, both celebrated names in the strongman competition arena, adding an extra layer of intensity to the event.

Hall expressed his excitement in a social media post: “Today I signed a contract to fight MMA! February 17th. 4-man eliminator against [Brian Shaw], [Martyn Ford] & [Mitchell Hooper]. [Finishers Championship]. Training has begun, and I’m loving the challenge this has brought to the table.”

Fans are buzzing with anticipation, flooding the comments section with reactions:

“Eddie doing side quests.”

“No way Brian is fighting, this is amazing.”

“Hope you take this seriously. It was embarrassing watching you get smoked by Thor.”

Eddie Hall’s foray into MMA promises to be a thrilling spectacle, attracting fans from both the strongman and combat sports communities.