Streamer N3on reveals he talked to Dana White, resolved beef after UFC 296 incident

Renowned YouTuber and Kick streamer Rangesh ‘N3on’ Mutama recently disclosed an intriguing interaction with UFC CEO Dana White. This came after the events at UFC 296.

Recently, N3on had a podcast session with UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley.

In a YouTube video, N3on recounted an ‘off-stream’ conversation with Dana White. The two talked about their discussion surrounding N3on’s actions before UFC 296 and White’s subsequent ban.

N3on expressed,”So basically, I made some f*cked up comments about, saying I was gonna press Trump and sh*t and Dana got really mad at me. Offstream, late at night, like 4-5 am, we went up and cleared the beef at the bottom of the red rock.”

This discussion might pave the way for N3on’s potential presence at future UFC events. Moreover, it underscores the responsibility that content creators bear, especially when engaging with eminent personalities like UFC champions and executives.

N3on has faced severe criticism in recent months due to his actions and behavior, both on and off his streams.

His ban from attending UFC 296 stemmed from making threats against former US President Donald Trump. He had purchased a UFC event ticket. Prior to the event, he posted a video on Instagram outlining his intention to confront Trump upon arrival at the T-Mobile Arena.

In the video, N3on said that he would approach Trump and have a conversation with him. It would have been a great experience, he thought. N3on declared his intention to execute his plan in spite of the Secret Service’s presence, hoping for attention and controversy.

The UFC promptly took notice of N3on’s intentions and barred his attendance. Dana White publicly announced the ban during the news conference after the match for UFC 296.

Addressing the incident, White highlighted N3on’s “stupid remarks” on Instagram. He stressed that speaking rashly and threatening others might have negative consequences.