Streamer N3on apologizes to Dana White for “threatening” Donald Trump at UFC 296

Popular Twitch sensation N3on recently stirred controversy with his statements about confronting Donald Trump at UFC 296. The aftermath of his bold intentions led to a series of events resulting in N3on’s public apology.

The well-known influencer disclosed on social media that he had purchased tickets for the UFC 296 event in a video. He revealed that he wanted to confront the former president. N3on claimed to be aware that Trump would be there accompanied by members of the US Secret Service. But the streamer’s footage became viral, and it seemed that the Las Vegas police were alerted.

Therefore, N3on and his associates were denied entry at the T-Mobile Arena despite possessing valid tickets. UFC President Dana White publicly rebuked the streamer during the conference after the match. He said that N3on’s behavior had resulted in his suspension from the event.

Following the incident, N3on extended apologies to Dana White, Donald Trump and the UFC. , N3on acknowledged the recklessness of his words:

“I want to start off by apologizing to the UFC, Donald Trump and Dana White for everything I said… I talk too crazy and don’t even realize it… I just say whatever the f**k I want and feel like I’m behind the screen when in reality, I’m in person – someone could literally just come and shoot me in the head, and I don’t understand it.”

N3on’s actual name is Rangesh Mutama, and he is one of the most well-known Twitch streamers. He is often associated with prominent social media figures like Adin Ross, Andrew Tate, and Sneako.

Addressing the situation further, Dana White reiterated his stance during the press conference, emphasizing the severity of N3on’s actions.

He said: “He said he was banned from the arena? No. What happened is he said some stupid s**t on Instagram… When you start saying stupid s**t like that, yeah, you’re probably going to get busted up and thrown out of here. Making threats and talking dumb s**t. Looking for clout… F**king punk.”