Spectacular flying knee KO by Alioune Nahaye steals the show at ARES FC 20

At Ares FC 20 on Thursday, Alioune Nahaye scored one of the most vicious knockouts of the year so far with a spectacular flying knee against Luis Miguel Aular.

Nahaye (13-4) was facing Aular (9-1) in the comain event of the Paris card. In the opening round, Nahaye timed his opportunity perfectly, launching himself into the air and blasting Aular with a knee strike flush to the jaw as Aular attempted to move forward.

The French star’s knee landed with bone-crunching impact, sending Aular crashing face-first to the canvas unconscious. It was an incredible display of timing, technique and power from the 30-year-old Nahaye.

After a tense few moments with Aular motionless, he was able to regain consciousness and make his way backstage under his own power, surely grateful the fight wasn’t waved off any later.

For Nahaye, it was another highlight-reel finish to add to his growing career résumé. The rangy striker has now won 2 straight, with both coming by way of knockout or TKO. His unique striking abilities and athleticism make him a threat to any opponent.

While the flying knee may stick in fans’ memories, Nahaye showed veteran poise by not following up with any unnecessary strikes after realizing Aular was out cold. He simply walked away and celebrated his latest viral victory with his team.

Ares FC continues to provide a platform for spectacular rising stars like Nahaye to showcase their skills on the big stage. If he can string together a few more wins like this, a call from the UFC could be coming sooner rather than later.