Sonnen blames sleeping pill for incident rampage that resulted in civil and criminal charges

Chael Sonnen has had an interesting month to say the least. Sonnen was cited five times for his behavior on the night in December of 2021. Subsequently the citations were dropped and Sonnen was free to go  – but the state reserved the right to refile at a future time. This is exactly what they opted to do earlier this month and the list of charges is quite a doozy.

Court records reveal prosecutors filed charges last week. The biggest charge is the felony battery by strangulation, the other 10 charges are misdemeanor battery charges.

Battery by strangulation in non-domestic situations is a Category C felony under Nevada law. The potential penalties include one to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. It’s likely Sonnen will plead out the case.

Documents paint a vivid picture. It is the view of the officials that Sonnen roughed up 6 people including one woman on the night of December 18th.

Thanks to Brendan Schaub’s claims – Sonnen also had a civil suit be filed against him. The couple that filed it went on to allege that Sonnen was also violent to his wife on that night. But they also claimed he was odd and non responsive.

Chael Sonnen allegedly threw a woman into a light fixture and struck her — causing her to bleed from her face — during a wild fight in a Las Vegas hotel in December 2021 … according to new police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports.

In the documents, police say Sonnen claimed he “did not have memory of anything.” when he was questioned.